Design, supply and install:

  • Electrical reticulation and distribution
  • Embedded generation/solar plants
  • Sub stations
  • Cable fault finding (LT, MV & HT)
  • HV & MV Jointing & Terminations (Accredited)
  • Issuing of COCs (Independent senior inspector)

Solar and Energy

We design, build and construct solar systems.

Whether helping homeowners realise the cost savings and benefits of solar power, partnering with local businesses to become more energy efficient, or making a difference in our communities, Elektroneering is passionately dedicated to preserving the environment in which we all work, love and play.

We provide:

  • Solar engineering and design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Energy performance analysis
  • Long term performance guarantees